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Multiple years of experience

Who We Are

With more than a decade under our belt, Hoda Consulting is proud to be a leading Software Development, Consulting, Accounting and Digital Solutions Integrated Company in Albania. We're specialized in End-to-End Software Development, Accounting & Technology Consulting Services, Cloud Devops, etc.

  • Certified Company

    We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, an internationally accepted standard for quality management.

  • Clients Recognition

    World-class brands and established companies have chosen Hoda Consulting as their reliable partner.

Jona Hoda
Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Why Choose Us

We Focus On Your Business and
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Software Solutions & Digital Services

We offer comprehensive tech expertise, digital transformation services and enterprise IT support. Our software development services include strategy consulting, UX design, engineering lifecycle management of custom products, as well as system integration.

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Accounting & Tax Services

We handle your financial, accounting and taxation needs. Trust our team of accounting experts to guide and support your business operations through the preparation and filing of company tax declarations, maintaining the company accounts and with the provision of financial reporting and treasury services.

Our Services

Our Vision


By providing a wide range of digital transformation and accounting consultancy together with software development services that utilize cutting-edge engineering solutions, our vision is to bring innovative technology into life and become a Leading Digital Technology and Accounting Company.

Our Mission


Our mission is to help enterprises accelerate adoption of new technologies and orchestrate ongoing internal processes. Whether it is a consumer-oriented or a transformative enterprise-class solution, the company leads the process from ideation and concept to delivery and support.


What We Offer

Custom Software Development

Support your business infrastructure with scalable software that improves key facets of your enterprise. Get access to our industry-specific knowledge to design, build, and scale your new enterprise software solution.

Accounting & Tax Consultancy

Business-eccentric accounting and tax consultancy services, specializing in Accountancy, Tax Planning, Account Management, Financial Reporting and Business Advisory Services.

Trainings & Programming Courses

Learn how to code or build your skills in programming to pick up essential coding skills needed for frontend and/or backend web development, machine learning, IOS, Android, and much more.

Web Development

Revolutionize your business ideas using our web development services for innovative and next-gen web apps. We always keep up with the latest Front & Back-end Web Development technologies to provide high-quality software in a constantly changing business environment.

Mobile App Development

Create impactful, feature-rich, scalable, engaging and high-performing Mobile Apps for iOS and Android platforms that fit your brand and industry within a shorter time frame.

Product Engineering

Comprehend client's business needs to develop innovative software solutions with scalable product architecture. Use a powerful combination of profound tech expertise, mature, low-risk processes, and proven experience in a variety of business area to turn your business idea into reality.

Dedicated Teams

Hire a loyal software development team with proficient skills and deep expertise. We quickly allocate dedicated teams or independent software developers for your internal projects with a focus on communication processes & detailed development phases.

Digital Transformation

With many years of development experience, knowledge, and tech expertise, we are confident that we will become your reliable digital transformation partner. Leverage our competences in using digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes to meet changing market requirements.

Blockchain Solutions

We bring enterprise-wide adoption of blockchain-powered business networks across industries by building commercial/incentive models for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

What we can do

Our Techstack

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Back-End Technologies

Java – .NET – NodeJS – Python – PHP

Front-End Technologies

Angular – ReactJS – Typescript – VueJS – HTML5

Mobile Technologies

iOS – Android – React Native – Swift – Kotlin


MongoDB – MySQL – MsSQL – PostgreSQL – Firebase – Redis


Aws – Gradle – Jenkins – Azure – Digital Ocean – Google Cloud

Software Development Process

How we work

Choose a Service and Receive a Roadmap

We explore your business and portfolio to recommend a strategic transformation plan. We have fine-tuned our Software Development Services & SDLC Process to build solutions according to your needs & market conditions at an excellent price-quality ratio.

Design and Build the Product

We offer end-to-end software solutions, design, development, QA with a dedicated group of experts for various industry domains and technologies. UX is always at the forefront of our design & development. We build products with modernized processes and enhance on performance .

Manage the Project Efficiently

We endeavor in project risk minimization and take full responsibility for scope, schedule, budget and timeliness in regard to your development project. With skilled project managers and cutting-edge technologies, we enable transparency and scalability at all engagement levels.

Deliver to the Market, Commit and Support

We deliver the maximum value to our customers by becoming their reliable technology partner. Our success is defined by the success of our customer. After launch, we keep up with our clients and provide technical support, while giving strategic & technical assistance for future upgrades throughout the product’s lifecycle.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Software Development Services

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What is your experience?

We have many years of business experience. We've worked with and completed projects for leading retailers, international companies, start-ups, real estate, telecommunications and travel companies, healthcare and tourism industries, and many, many more. We are experienced in creating Android, iOS Mobile apps, Web and IoT apps, augmented reality, e-learning, CRM systems and constantly improving our skills!

What can you help me with?

With whatever we can. In terms of project development we prepare server-side architecture, front end, back end, graphic and UX design, and create back-office consoles. We are also happy to advise our customers in terms of budgeting, scheduling, risk management, and business model creation.

How do I create a product with you?

If you have an idea or business need, contact us by our online form, e-mail or phone. We'll meet and talk it over. Just be sure to prepare as much information as possible, it will smoothen the meeting and benefit further cooperation.

What do I need to know before contacting you?

The most important thing to know is what do you want to accomplish. Why do I need this software? What for? What should it do? Having a clear vision in mind is crucial when ordering a software application. You don't want to spend many months developing it with us without being sure what you need. We'll also be glad to help you get started, building projects from scratch is nothing new for us.

How much time will it take for you to make my app?

To give you a precise answer we must prepare a project scope and create a budget. We shall tell you how much of that scope can be completed within the budget and we'll be able to estimate how long will it take after at least a month of work. Don't worry, if you're not happy with our work after two weeks you can retract from the project with no penalties, this is our trial period and we believe that any reliable software house should give you one.

How do you guarantee product quality?

We evaluate the result after every two weeks, we test our work (we conduct both development and acceptance tests), we present it to you, we apply your feedback so you know you get what you are paying for.

What happens after you finish my app?

Hopefully the app is exactly what you dreamed of 🙂 But apart from delivering a finished product, we are happy to provide you with technical support and app maintenance should you need it. After all, we know our work inside out. Of course if you want to maintain the app by yourself the source code and all technical data is at your disposal, but even in that case, feel free to contact us if you need any help.

What if I come to you with a product that I want to improve?

We’ll be more than happy to help you with that. Beginning with an Audit (if applicable) through improving your system architecture, user experience and adding new features.

Will a project manager be assigned to me as a contact person?

Yes. All our customers are assigned a liaison that serves as their guide and information source throughout our whole cooperation.

Will my liaison send me a progress report on a daily basis detailing the work that has been completed?

We send you a report every two weeks (i.e. after each sprint, when the next version of the software is completed) or every month if you prefer. The report includes info on what we plan to achieve in the next sprint. Apart from that you are welcome to contact us any time either in person, via Skype, phone, e-mail or live chat. During work hours we usually answer after no more than few minutes.

How much do you charge?

It depends on many things: project scope, time spent on the project and technological issues. We know it sounds vague but its simply honest. Remember that each software project is different, especially if you had a particularly original idea. We do not want to give you an unrealistic estimate, instead we want to provide you with the best quality possible within your budget.

Expert Team

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Adhom Jonam

Project Manager

Adhom Jonam

Project Manager


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